Freitag, 25. März 2016

30. Jan. 2016 - Kerio View

As the day is forecasted to be perfect for a long distance flight we plan to start in Nyaru an hire a private matatu to go there. But the take-off is in thick condensate. I am the only one who prepares for launch and luckily one short spot presents itself letting me out with ground view. I cannot enlarge my flight to the classical southern turnpoint as this one is not to be seen under the clouds and have to fly on the valley side of the ridge edge condensate until I finally can close up to the ridge. But arriving at the Tambach corner I face rain from Iten northwards. 9 days ago I sat on the ground after coming up from Nyaru and I have learned from that. Today I turn around and fly back as far south as possible, but as I reach the Samich Resort I see huge cloud towers building up in the area of the Nyaru take-off and the valley corner, just south of it, where the km43S-turnpoint is laying. So I turn around once again and fly back to Iten. As I reach Iten, cloud building all along the ridge and also northeasterly winds get stronger and stronger. So I calculate another homeopathically one and as soon as I am sure to have 100km recorded I land on the Kerio View take-off. My fellow pilots have arrived by matatu in the meantime and another recreational afternoon with beer, stories and future flight plans takes place on the hotel terrace. 


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