Freitag, 25. März 2016

29. Jan. 2016 - Kerio View

Very, very soft day. I start to the south and fly down just to km30S, from where it is not a lot of serious work to fly back, even under those conditions. Coming back to Iten while overflying the Tambach falls bend the day changes into a rough day. Now it is a shame, that I did not fly down to the classical southern turnpoint at km43S. This day now looks to me like one with potential for a big triangle ! But to late !  At km20N I turn over safe ground for one more homeopathic 100km-flight and fly back to the hotel. The day is more or less one, which is comparable to the days of january 2015 and the forecast for tomorrow is even better. So I relax my bones today, hoping for a big flight tomorrow and plan to start from Nyaru.


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