Freitag, 25. März 2016

24. Jan. 2016 - Kerio View

In the morning a strong wind out of the west bundled with blue skies welcomes the pilot with unstartable conditions. It takes some time until the sun has heated up the eastern facing ridge as much as the uprising warm air is strong enough to level out the western breeze. This means, that it is thermalic and rough from the beginning and much later in the day as usual. We agree with Edi to show up around 1pm above Muffon Mountain to try flying over the flat valley ground in the direction of Kabarnet. As I do not trust this kind of flying at all, I plan to fly at least 100 kms in front of this flight over the flat. First I fly south to Muffon Mountain, then back to km18N and again to Muffon Mountain. As I arrive over the meeting point 100 kms are surely on my records. The other pilots fly out over the flat valley ground and I follow on the track, that seems the best to me. But this strategy does not help. I am the first one on the ground. Others follow, but Fredi and Edi manage to come back to the ridge in the air. As it is a sunday afternoon and I do not want to relax on the ground I start in the late afternoon for a recreational hang-out in the air. Also this one does not please with super heights or other candys, just a hang-out as usual.






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