Freitag, 25. März 2016

03. Feb. 2016 - Kerio View

Edi and Roberta is leaving today. And it should be the best day of the week, if someone believes in the forecast. This reminds me a lot to the departure of the group of austrian pilots and also the main group of the italian pilots. I promise to myself to do my best to keep our flag high on the Kerio ridge. I decide to try the very classical one and start to the south. At Tambach falls another XCglider comes against me. He must have been started in Nyaru. I do not know the pilot, but from the xconest I later learn, it is Hunter Marrian. I fly to the classical turnpoint at km43S and turn around. As was the flight to the southern turnpoint a rather hard work against a east-south-easterly current, as nice is flying back to the north. As I arrive over the highest point of the northern front ridge extension, there is not much cumulus and still a more southerly influenced current and the falling-to-its-northern-end ridge is not in condensate at all. This reminds me to a similar situation on my second flight this year, when I flew out and did not make it back. So I turn around some kms before the classical turnpoint out there. When I fly back and are turning in the next thermal, some kms away, I realize, that the current has now changed into a more northerly influenced one, but now, I will not fly back anymore. I decide to bring this flight home a bit shorter as it could be. If I would have been some minutes later, if I would have just risked it, … Even cumuli are building now of the end of the ridge extension … The flight back to Iten is a very nice one, similar to the flights in the alps after a frontal system has passed through and fresh air is all around.






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