Freitag, 25. März 2016

22. Jan. 2016 - Kerio View

Looks like the first nice day for a long time. I start early and pretty much motivated, fly down to the south and back up and on to km23N. There I loose my lead against the other serious xc-pilots in the air ( Fredi, Edi, Leone ). I am not able to build any advantage any more, although it is not so easy to fly on for none of us, but flying as a team pays off,  if conditions are not simple. As I reach the end of the front laying ridge, I have to decide, if I would fly back to the second ridge, which you can follow some additional kms to the north, but I decide, not to do so. I remember my failure of the 7th of january and decide to carry back to launch, what I have reached until now, because now it still like an easy thing to do so. Of course I regret, not to have added some more kms to the north, when I reach Iten and all the others, who had flown a bit further, arrive back too. But all in all it is nice to be able to fly a usual distance on the edge of the Rift Valley again after all those rainy days, that did not allow it. I feel really sorry for all the pilots, who left just yesterday and missed this first day of hopefully better weather to last for some more days than today.




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