Freitag, 25. März 2016

10. Jan. 2016 - Kerio View

If the day would not be a compelling one, we agreed, that I would come back to the hotel fast and we would explore the ridge on a motorbike. And that is just, what it looks like : one of those days, where long distances will not be in the cards. I turn around at km30S, fly back to the hotel, land and we rent a bike for a day and ride along the ridge down south to km40S, the southern take-off in Nyaru. We visit the land-owner there, whom I know from last year, and talk to him about starting flights from his grassy slope in the upcoming days. After that we ride down the road to the valley ground. Right underneath there is a private mining territory for gaining flourid. Soon after the mining land a lot of agriculturally used wood and fields and gardens follows. People grow all kind of fruits and try to sell them along the road side. We follow the foot of the ridge back north and take the way up to Iten to end the motorbike afternoon.



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