Freitag, 25. März 2016

07. Jan. 2016 - Kerio View

Having arrived around midday we put our luggage into our room and I hurry up to get into the air for a first grooving-in-flight. Comparing to my last years stay, what is very surprising to me, is the green, green landscape all over, even on the valley floor. Although it is afternoon flying, which is usually smooth anyway, I suppose, that a special kind of smoothness and niceness results from all the green and all the resistance of grass and leaves against the wind and the higher amount of moisture, which is in the then heavier air, that resists more against turbulences, gusts and shearing winds. Locals say, it has rained a lot more than usual last december. Pilots find out on the internet, that especially this region is affected by the actual el-nino-phenomenon to be wetter and colder than usual. We will see …



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