Freitag, 25. März 2016

16. Jan. 2016 - Kerio View

Again a to cloudy and to wet day with no long distance expectation. But yesterday Fredi showed me the 100k competition inside the xcontest. Altough I had seen it often before, I never cared for the meaning. For the open competition only the six best flights add to your points. On a day, which does not look promising to you to be able to fly better than your six best flight, you just will stay on the ground or hang out a bit in the air, if you want to. But with this 100k-competition there are new prospects, if you can at least fly 100 kms … I never knew or cared about that - on such a day in Iquique f.e. I often flew after 80 or 90 ams to the beach to drink coffee or eat ice-cream instead of flying 5-10 kms more in a direction and back and would have had 100km+ ( and I finished last years ranking 4th - without knowing, without caring … ) Today is the first day of that new conciousness and I try to fly at least 100 kms as I know, that a big triangle is not possible with weather conditions like today.



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