Freitag, 25. März 2016

21. Jan. 2016 - Kerio View

In the morning I join Karin on her way to the Eldoret airport. From Eldoret to Nyaru I use a local matatu. From Nyaru to launch a short biki-biki-ride does the rest. Take-off and enlarging to the southern turnpoint works nice although the wind is more northerly than usual at this morning time. I receive the first drawback as I cannot overfly the Nyaru road-corner at half speed and have to back off for a second attempt with more  height and less speed. Towards km23S it gets more and more filled with upcoming ridge condensate and finally the Tambach bend is completely full of it. I back off from my first attempt to overfly it and try once more further out. But there I get to deep and have to land in the valley. In the hindsight I should have stayed on the higher ridge between Muffon Mountain at km23S and the Tambach corner at km15S until the condensate would have gotten higher or disappeared. But so I take another matatu up to Iten and start from the northern side of the condensate. I enlarge a bit to the north before flying to the Tambach bend from this side - still the condensate there is thick and deep and so I try to fly north as far as possible. Because of the northern winds and the thick cumuli, caused by the wet grounds, I have to turn around soon after km23N and fly back. My hope is, that the condensate in the Tambach bend has disappeared in the meantime. It has, but now it is raining in this bend and so I have to turn around again and try to fly to the north some kms more then Iten to achieve at least 100 kms in the second flight. Once more a day, where it takes a lot of work and fantasy to beat this 100k-distance.





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