Freitag, 25. März 2016

28. Jan. 2016 - Kerio View

Motivated by yesterdays adventure into the north my initial plan is to fly to the southern valley end to explore this region similar to a flight, I did last year and which is nicely in my memory. But even from the take-off in Iten the valley-ground can hardly be seen. It is this kind of white-in-white dust, that reduces the visibility significantly. We are watching that phenomenon now for the last two days and also yesterday, when flying up into the higher north this was the biggest disadvantage in an otherwise fantastic experience. Also the winds are not in favor of a southern end flight and so I decide to start into the north first, to be honest, not really having a flight plan. Coming close to the corner at km23N this one does not look like to be overflown easily and so I turn at km20N in save territory. To me it looks like the power of the sun is limited by the same reason as the visibility. I fly towards the south and turn as soon as the waypoints are surely 50 kms apart, which means a flat triangle with at least 100 kms of free flight is on the instrument. I spend some airtime, flying wingovers above screaming kids on the schoolyard and return to take-off to spend the rest of the day sleeping in the hammock between the shady trees of the hotel park.


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