Freitag, 25. März 2016

26. Jan. 2016 - Kerio View

The day starts a bit earlier than the days before. Still the launch takes place very late, compared to last year. I start into the north, but headwinds get stronger fast. The corner at km23N seems not to be taken out without big risks involved and I turn around. Flying to the south I arrive at the Muffon Mountain corner and here it looks like flying over that corner means, maybe not being able to make it back. So I also turn around here. If I finish now at take-off means, a triangle about 86 kms has been flown. So I try to add some kms against the north, but as the headwinds got stronger and stronger during the day, I am even not able to overcome the first corner at km6N and have to give up there. Means the only left possibility to fly 100 kms over 3 turnpoits is to fly back towards Tambach Falls. As soon as have reached this distance I enter the best thermal of the day and can circle up to an altitude, higher then 3.000m. So I just glide back to the hotel to spend a relaxed afternoon in the hammock between shady trees.



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