Freitag, 25. März 2016

01. Feb. 2016 - Kerio View

The forecast tells about strong winds out of northeast, but in the morning it is rather nice than windy. So we start into the south. At the end of the classical ridge is pretty much in condensate and we have to pass ridge clouds on the valley side. When we arrive back in Iten, the predicted wind is fact and flying against the headwind gets a tough job, especially around the corners. I quit as soon as my turn points show a bigger distance than 50 kms in-between and fly back to take-off. Edi keeps on trying, but quits zoon after - at the corner at km23N. I try a second flight in the afternoon for recreational purpose, but the northerly winds does not slow down and the smooth air, which is usually there in the late afternoon does not show up and after three attempts to top land on take-off I quit and fly back to land on the flat hill behind the hotel. The first time in this month, but top landing on take-off just seems to dangerous with the strong northerly winds.






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