Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

22. Jan. 2015 - Kerio View

When I wake up in the morning the trees are bending before sunrise like they usually do at noon. I get out my flight gear and start immediately. While others go for breakfast I am already on my speed bar to the south. As usual at this time the winds are rather a bit more southerly than east. So the bend at Tambach falls cannot be overflown close to the ridge. It may have been possible to pass the bend further out, but the wind seams to be picking up speed still and the sun is just over the horizon. So I fly back to the paragliders paradise hotel to land for breakfast . It is just possible to land on take off because the strong dynamic winds are still very homogen without turbulence. When I come from breakfast the winds are stronger again and just small acrowings can start now, but of course : what a fun to fly with them at the moment ! I decide to have a chill out day ion the hammock. But in early afternoon the winds slows down significantly and the rest of the day belongs to lovely high thermaling and later on to smooth magic air flying.



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