Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

21. Jan. 2015 - Kerio View

In the night obviously a cold front passed by. A beautiful morning shows clear and fresh air. Also dynamic winds start early as do a lot of pilots. I miss this a bit and as I start, all others are heading to the south already. So I start towards the north in a kind of revolutionary perspective and it turns out to be very good. Flying is nice and dynamics and later on thermals work pretty nice. I fly the first ridge and its extension to the last high peak, dare not to fly over for and additional extension on the second ridge, but after turning at about km74N I return all the way down to ridge extension in the south and fly there to about km48S. I do not push it to the end, because I want to fly home a closed triangle safely. On my way back to take off I have to wait for darker clouds to finish with raining to be able to fly on. But they pass by and rain off rather fast. At the end it is my largest triangle until now, but if I would have extended it a bit, it would have been my first 300pts+ flight. No worry, some goals have to be left for the future anyway :-)






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