Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

19. Jan. 2015 - Kerio View

The day starts very late and with the power of the thermals only, which means rough flying. As it was still predicted, that the winds would be like yesterday, I had planned to try my expedition to the southern end of the valley and to its east side once again. But as first is about no dynamic wind and thermal flying only, I skip my plan and start to the north along the ridge. As further I get to the north as stronger headwinds are showing up. I watch other pilots fighting lower than usual around edges into the north and decide at km43N to turn around and fly back for a rest day. As I arrive over take off, top landing seams demanding but doable and I try twice, but have to face, that landing looks like just to dangerous in these conditions and decide to fly on onto the south to come back in smoother air then. At km23S I feel, not to fly any further south, but to explore Muffon Mountain once again. I get up nicely high and fly out a bit over the valley, but as soon as I do not feel comfortable any more, I turn around to the safety of the ridge. I do not want to risk a motorcycle retrieve again after those two long once of yesterday. I finally fly back and land at the hotels take off.


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