Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

13. Jan. 2015 - Kerio View

As I failed most of the time, trying to fly north around noon I decide to begin towards the north today and it works out good. The higher lands form a kind of corner at km60N and there I turn around. All the way back it works good and some kms before km40S I can thermal up to 3900m. From this altitude I can easily glide out to the front laying ridge and reach km50S. Flying back against the usual more northeasterly winds of the afternoon is also a not to heavy effort today. So in sum a very nice flying day, the whole day in the air and 60 kms to the north and 50 kms to the south sum up to a 220km triangle - my longest flight here in kenya until now and my highest ranked flight over all.



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