Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

08. Jan. 2015 - Kerio View

I get away pretty nice in the morning. When I reach the critical area around km40S I decide, not to go on for an enlargement to km50S but turn around, as it does not look compelling enough to me. Back at Kerio View I fly on to the north and for the first time I overcome the corner at km23N but my courage leaves me, as at that point the landscape turns from ridge soaring into mountain land, similar to the alps and probably flying in alpine style is the answer. As I do not feel prepared for that, flying a flight 4 times 60 km via three turn points comes into my mind and I turn back towards the south once more. Then, in the south, crossing to the front laying ridge between km40S and km50S looks good and I do it and am able to return savely to the main ridge and finally to take-off. From here again to km23N is to much for the nerves of my stomach and I have to give up even before km8N in my bumpy fight against strong northerly winds, overflowing the corner there. Some other pilots call my flight "swimming-pool-style", for me its a oneway over three turn points with 230 kms and I am quiet happy about my best result here in Kenya so far.



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