Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

16. Jan. 2015 - Kerio View

Start at nicely morning time and head to the north, just as the last days. The line inside the frontside corner at km60N also works perfect and I reach the highest last peak of the ridge ( 3200 a.s.l. ) with an altitude close to 3500 a.s.l. and turn around. 4-5 additional kms to the next lower last peak ( 2900 a.s.l. ) would have been probably easy reach- and returnable. I fly back on the rather same track to take-off, pass Tambach falls very directly out in the front and am not so sure at Muffon Mountain, if I should fly on, but I do. In the critical section around km35-42S I gain nice altitude and fly to the front ridge once more in direct glide. I am able to set the southern turnpoint around km50S and prepare for my fight back against the typical afternoon winds. I reach the main ridge at km40S very low but safe and regain the ridge height. At the typical corner, just south of Chororget, at about km30-35S I fail once more to stay above the ridge. It is the time, when the upper section of the rocks have already fallen into shadow and that time is very tricky as I know. But this knowledge does not help me and I have to glide out into the valley, land on the same schoolyard like on jan. 6th and do the same retrieve by motorcycle 





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