Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

07. Jan. 2015 - Kerio View

I am to enthusiastic in the morning as the day looks very promising. Just as I had been told I start into the morning air and step into full speed and do not even reach the Limbach fall, because, if you loose a certain soaring band close to the ridge edge, even my M6 won't help to turn it back to good. Underneath my way out to the valley I watch a road block because of an accident between a motorcyclist and a truck in a hairpin bend and so I land on the empty street close to it. The motorcyclist calls his friends and I have not finished packing the next moto arrives for taxing me back to the take-off. But I have lost precious time now and although I fly the easy and fast way to km40S and turn there, I am to late for the north. Today I am a bit angry about myself, so I push on at km8N, also at the second corner around km13N, but overcoming the third corner, which is around km23N, is not possible for me. So I have to turn around there, do some nice thermalling on my way, some air show over the hotel and land on take-off, well knowing, that starting a bit cooler would have shown a better result.




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