Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

20. Jan. 2015 - Kerio View

Still exploring the south is very much in my head. But I start first to the north to beef the flight up with some additional kms and fly the rather easy first 23 kms to km23N and turn around. As soon as I arrive in the south the area there gets completely overcast and it is hard work to get back out of this territory of dampened thermal activity. Once more I fly up into the north to km23N facing rather strong headwinds now at this point and calculate the outcome, if I would fly back to the south and I decide to do that. But as soon as I arrive around km35S I see that the region at the southern end of the valley is now in rain or at least bad weather, as clouds getting sucked over the cliff edge down into the valley. So the only possibility for me is to side out and glide as far as I could as I have used now all possible turn points already. I land near a village, where probably never had landed a paraglider pilot before or at least a canopy in the air is a very rare sight and it is a happening for all people, who see it and they run to have a close view. As usual they treat me very nice, curious, caring and helpful.






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